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A Typical Day

Arrival: Children enter their classroom, hang up their coats and backpacks, and get ready for the day.

Circle/Meeting: Everyone comes together to hear about the day's activities. Each child decides what centers he or she would like to become involved with for that day, and what they plan to do in the center. The children also do calendar, weather and sharing during this time.

Center Time: Children choose from activities in the centers, which include dramatic play, table toys, blocks, art sensory table, library and computers. Learning is child-centered through play facilitated by the Early Childhood Team.

Clean Up: Children learn when it's time to stop an activity, put away toys and materials, and learn to cooperate with others.

Snack Time: Snack time encourages communication between the children, self-help skills and good manners. Children take turns on responsibility for passing out milk, napkins and snacks. Parents take turns sending in snacks (requested by the teacher) for the week.

Music/Movement: Large motor skills are enhanced through the excitement of music as well as physical games enjoyed both in the classroom and out on the playground. Children also learn self control by following rules and safety guidelines.

Story Times: Teachers read to children in both large and small groups. Reading enhances listening skills and memory, stimulates thought-provoking questions and helps children discuss the differences between the world we live in and the fantasy worlds we read about.

Dismissal: Children are encouraged to collect their belongings independently.

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