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Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and Dismissal Map

Drop off (7:45am, 12:15 pm)

  • Use the Bonnie McBeth parking lot only for drop off.
  • Pull up to the cones and do not leave large gaps between the cars.  Staff members will unload students from the vehicle.
  • Make sure your child has his/her nametag attached to his/her backpack so staff members know what room they are in.
  • If your child does not have his/her backpack tag on, you will be asked to park and walk into the office to sign in your child.  This is for safety purposes.
  • Be sure your child is ready to get out of the vehicle (on the passenger side).  Please have their coats and shoes on and make sure that they are not eating!
  • Remain in your vehicle.  Do NOT open the door until a staff member comes to your car.  They will open the door when they are ready to get your child.
  • Please do NOT tell your child to “jump” from the car.  It is not safe for your child or a staff member to have a child jumping at them from a car.
  • If one drop off line is longer than another, you may get in the shorter line (at drop off only).  Please be aware, if you get in a different line, your child will not be dropped off at their usual door.  You will need to follow the directions given to you and pull up to the appropriate area.  Your child will be brought to their classroom inside the building.


Pick Up (10:30am, 3:00pm)

  • Please make sure you are in line in the parking lot on time for pick up!
  • Follow the designated route as shown on the map.
  • Please watch staff members for directions.
  • All vehicles MUST have the colored identification card in the window so that staff members are able to see it.  If someone else is picking up your child, they must have the colored identification card.
  • If you do not have your car card, you will be asked to park your car, come into the main office and show identification to pick up your child.
  • Keep your card visible for all staff to see until your child is in the car.
  • If you get in the wrong lane, you may be asked to park and go into the main office to pick up your child.
  • Staff members will open the back passenger door to put your child in the car.  CHILDREN CANNOT BE PUT IN THE BACK DRIVER’S SIDE DOOR!  It is not safe for the children or staff members due to a car possibly driving past.
  • Once your child is in the car you may buckle them in.  Staff members cannot buckle in your child.  Please be courteous of other parents waiting in line as well.


General Guidelines

  • Exit the parking lot towards Renwick Road or Getson Drive (to access Rt. 30).  Do NOT exit the parking lot towards Howard Street during arrival or dismissal.
  • Please do NOT talk on the cell phone while in line.
  • Please do NOT bring animals in the car with you.
  • Always put your car in PARK as the children are leaving or entering your car.
  • PLEASE stay in line.  Do NOT pass cars in line unless directed to do so by a staff member!  This is for everyone’s safety.
  • Please drive slowly and be aware of staff members in the parking lot, other cars and the children.

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