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District 202 will focus on full-day kindergarten in 2021-2022

District 202 will offer full-day kindergarten for the first time ever at all of its 18 elementary schools, starting this August.

The significant program shift will complete work over the last several years to meet a longstanding community priority to implement full-day kindergarten.

That work includes building an 18th elementary school – Wallin Oaks – to create enough space district-wide for full-day kindergarten, and to provide more space and stability for special needs programs now scattered around the district. Wallin Oaks is expected to open in August.

All kindergarten students will start class on the first day of school, August 18, 2021.

Full-day kindergarten will include reading, writing, math, science, social studies, oral language, intervention support, and explore extensions. 

Explore extension time will include literacy, math, fine motor skills, and play-based activities that support social and emotional learning.  Full-day kindergarten will also include art, music, or physical education every day.    

District 202 will continue to offer a half-day kindergarten program. However, half-day kindergarten may not be offered at all schools and the location will depend on enrollment.

Half-day kindergarten will comprise a reduced schedule including instruction in reading, writing, and math.  

Parents interested in a half-day program should contact their building administrator for information. 


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