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Bad Weather Info Reminder

As bad weather season approaches, we want to remind our families, staff, and community that DISTRICT 202 DOES ITS BEST TO keep our schools open whenever possible.

FAMILIES SHOULD ALWAYS PLAN FOR SCHOOL TO BE OPEN, UNLESS weather is so severe that it is impossible to ensure our children can get to school safely.

District officials work with our transportation and local public safety officials to determine road conditions "in the moment" so we will announce our plans as early as possible through Connect-ED and local media.

When weather or other emergencies dictate that school cannot be open for students, District 202 may cancel school using an emergency day or use an E-Learning day to provide our students with a continuation of learning.

E-learning days are synchronous.

Please click here for more details about student expectations for e-learning.

Additional information regarding weather closures is also available here. 

Thank you for your cooperation and always remember to be safe first!

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